I’m still alive.

Just frightfully busy…falling asleep in the recliner.

I am doing aerobics 3 times a week and trying to continue to run. A couple of friends of mine and I are starting to train for the Bolder Boulder Memorial day weekend. I know it’s months away, but it is 6.2 miles and approximately one hour and ten minutes of continuous running. I must be crazy.

I’m also busy with the girlies school. I think I am going to switch their math. I know it’s good but I think it throws math at them entirely to quickly.

History…this will be the last year (I think) for Story of the World. Technically we have one more year with Goober and three with Beanie but I am finding too many things I don’t like about it. For example, did you know Holland IS the Netherlands? I don’t think so.

Grammar, ugh. I am positive they have  completely changed everything that has anything to do with grammar siince I was in school.

I have a great post in my head…actually I wrote it down but I never seem to have it close at hand when I need it. Figures.

I can tell it is the start of the Holiday season. Two weeks ago my inlaws came, last weekend was our local women’s conference. This weekend is the harvest party and we have a church staff get together on Sunday. Next weekend, Goober has a piano recital. The next weekend is Beanie’s birthday and the Clavinova Festival. The following weekend is nothing. Woo hoo. Next Tuesday we vote, the following Tuesday we have another church staff get-together.

So if I remain scarce…know I’m just buried in busy-ness.


3 thoughts on “I’m still alive.

  1. Sounds busy.  Hang in there and get some exercise for me.  I am thinking of taking next semester off from COOP.  I would love to have those days to do our own school work.  I feel so rushed when we are cut down to a 4 day week.  That way, if we get a lot done, we can have fun on Fridays or take field trips.


  2. Hey my kiddos are in the clav.fest. too.  So is Grasmicks, Woodward, and Andersons.  Probably more!  My kids are just beginners but we are holding out to win the clav. they are raffleing.  See ya there!


  3. I know what you mnea about bing busy and the holidays coming. I feel like I’m a 2 year old at the top a a really tall slide and the kid behind me is pushing me. 😛


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