A little less of that and a lot more of this.

Last night in Bible study we read Exodus 17. The latter half of this chapter deals with the battle between the Israelites and the Amalekites. You know when Moses sent Joshua down to battle and he climbed on top of the hill with Aaron and Hurr.

As long as Moses arms were raised the Israelites prevailed, but when his arms dropped they started losing. So Aaron and Hurr held up his arms.

As I read that I pondered the raising of the arms. I thought in worship we raise our hands.  When someone surrenders they raise their hands. When we worship we are surrendering to the One who fights for us. Worship is surrender.

Think on these questions.

What is truth?

Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?

How would/should that change your life? Does it?


9 thoughts on “A little less of that and a lot more of this.

  1. I like these thoughts.  I’m not much of a hand raiser/clapper, but I do love how music often puts us in a place where we can respond more easily to God.  I’m sure for some, the raising of hands can be a symbol of that surrender.Thanks, V!


  2. Thanks for the tip! I have a different Meetup this evening. Note to self: “don’t blog at the meeting.” Hopefully this group’ll be a little more talkative.


  3. Truth is reality as God sees it. I know that what I really believe is really real.  And it changes my life in so many ways.  For example I have to stop myself from worrying.  I believe God is sovereign and works all things for His glory and my good, ergo I shouldn’t worry about it.  I could give many more examples, all hard to follow through on…You aren’t watching the Truth Project by any chance are you??  We’ve done it twice, once as a participant and once as a leader.  I’d love to do it again!  I learn something new each time I watch it.


  4. Good Morning….Truth is Gods Word…the Bible. I believe in the Bible..every last word in there.I believe that God is real and alive. God being real and alive and that I use His word to teach me and shape me into who He wants me to be. His will. I have Faith in Gods Word. I love to raise my hands in Worship His Holy Name. I love to clap my hands and Praise Jesus, Praise God. I could go on and on but we will end up having church….lol!! Have a great day!!


  5. Truth is defined only by God, found in His precious Word.  I believe there is absolute truth – black and white while many others perceive truth as they themselves define it.  I do believe that what I believe is really real – I am for real about that!  I have witnessed many miracles in my life and others that may not be found in the Bible but were all done by God’s mighty hand.And that truth is the truth that sets me free. 


  6. Hello You made your site simple yet elegant. I see that you have questions for us. The answers so far have been quite good but I’ll go even further. Our God, Jehovah is truth. The hokey trinity god is a lie. Jehovah is real. In the end, Jehovah will be the only God while the rest are locked away for a thousand years. Because of this knowledge, my life will be eternal while the rest of humanity who follows the lesser gods will perish for their error. There is still time for the truth but time is running out. I want to help people to really get to know God, especially in these troubled times. Here is an important message for all of us from the Bible: 17 You make God tired with all your talk. “How do we tire him out?” you ask. By saying, “God loves sinners and sin alike. God loves all.” And also by saying, “Judgment? God’s too nice to judge.” (Malachi 2:17) (Message Bible)


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