So it’s been awhile.

What can I say? Life has been happening at breakneck speed around here. Right now we have been busy every single weekend since the one before Halloween. I think this next weekend we have nothing…so far. We traveled for Thanksgiving arriving back home on Monday, December 1. That night I had Bible study, Tuesday night we were home…I think. Wednesday night we are all gone, ditto Thursday, and Friday..yup, Saturday too. Now it’s Sunday. There is something tonight but I told the family I did NOT want to go anywhere. Tomorrow night is the company Christmas party, Tuesday is a dinner at church, Wednesday is back to AWANA and Bible study. Who knows what happens after that.

Last Sunday we visited a church we have been n many times before. We always find ourselves attending the service for the “younger” generation…younger generation meaning those younger than us.  The music is…well not quite our style. It’s good, don’t get me wrong but we know not a one of the songs and it’s almost more like a concert than a worship service. 

This Sunday the pastor shared a story about a man he had known at a previous church. As he shared the story I had one thought take over my entire mind, “Why is it okay for a pastor to gossip for the sake of a sermon illustration?”  Some might say it’s not gossip, but it really is an illustration. He was merely sharing a story to illustrate his point.

But I disagree and since I was there I can.  The story he shared was one that I know he would not have shared if the man had been sitting in the sanctuary. He did not tell the story as a positive illustration. He did not share it to build up the man but rather it tore him down.

I admit I had a very hard time listening and following the rest of his sermon. I was quite turned off by the illustration and kind of tuned him out.

So I ask you, why is it okay for a pastor to gossip for the sake of a sermon illustration?


5 thoughts on “So it’s been awhile.

  1. I don’t think it is okay for a Pastor to gossip. I can’t think of a single time that Dan ever has. Shared his own personal stories yes. Family stories, but never has he made us to look foolish. He’s made himself look foolish! 😉 I agree on the rock concert type music. I like contemporary and hymns mixed… a blended service is my favourite. I do like a praise band in church as well. Here we are back to pipe organ and very churchy music. I getting used to it. 😉


  2. Wow. Totally not okay, even if it is just a sermon illustration. Humiliating to say the least, and who knows? Somebody who knows the man the story was about could’ve been in the congregation and been offended. Definitely not good. What was the point of the illustration?


  3. “O be careful little mouth what you say….because the Father up above is looking down in love so be careful little mouth what you say.”  That little song strummed through my mind as I read your blog.  


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