This afternoon I cleaned the basement. I mean I CLEANED the
basement. I threw stuff away, gathered two big piles for Good Will. The
basement is clean. You
could eat off the cement floor if you were so inclined. I’m proud of

In my cleaning I went through old magazines, some I pitched and
some I kept. I kept ones like Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Do it
Yourself, Better Homes
and Gardens, Traditional Home, those types. All about decorating and
renovating your home. I also found I had 2 tri-fold booklets of paint
chips, and a large
book I bought at Home Depot all about lighting. (I bought it for a
dollar!!) I bought all of these intentionally but I never thought I’d
see them all

It hit me. Is this something I should be doing? I love to decorate
and paint. LOVE it. Today I was at KCMI in an office that still has
ugly paneling and I
commented to a friend, “This room should be painted.” She agreed that
*I* should paint it. So I’ve been obsessing about it. Thinking of how
arrange and clean out the furniture that is in there and what colors to
make the room stunning. I think I have it figured out.

Is this God? Or just bad ham I ate for lunch? I love this stuff.
When I found all the magazines and decorating things it was as if God
knocked on my head and
said, “Hello! Anyone in there? Are you paying attention? Look at all of
this.” I don’t want to necessarily say God told me I should be
but it could look that way. And that is why I’m wondering.


5 thoughts on “Contemplating….

  1. Hi!!  I am new to momaroo!  I LOVE to decorate.  My husband just rolls his eyes at me.  I am always talking about changing furniture around and everything and his is just fine with the way things are.I think this is a total God thing.  If it’s something you love to do, maybe you are called to be doing it.  If you have a real passion for it, I would say go for it.  I would jump at the chance to do something like this.By the way, love your username!!!


  2. It is godr to be grateful to God when happy ideas or things happen like finding those magazines and having the idea to paint . Too much often we think of God when things are bad for us and we call Him for help..Good attitude , my friend . If you allow it , I complimente you.Love Michel


  3. Thanks for the prayer; the more the merrier! I had no idea that VT was the priciest state, though – I would’ve figured it to be California or something. Probably better VT beauty than NY grime, though. That’s very exciting about decorating, though – nothing to do with expiring ham! It sounds like God’s awakening a hidden talent of yours. By all means, give it a shot. 


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