It figures

The past few weeks I’ve been attending a Discovery class with a main focus on Spiritual gifts. I have taken this class before.

A lot.

I keep not liking the results of my spiritual gift inventory test. So I do nothing and hope it will have changed by the next time I take it. Funny thing, I don’t think God is getting the memo that it is supposed to change because it hasn’t changed at all.

Now tell me, would you like your spiritual gift to be a Bossy Know-it-all? I didn’t think so yet my continually comes up with that result. To be honest and use spiritual terms, my spiritual gifts test out to be Administration (Leadership) and Prophecy. (seeing the world as either black or white, calling sin, sin and not being afraid to be in your face about it.)

Sunday during the sermon I jotted down these thoughts.

God teaches submission before He teaches leadership. The leaders who are truly great first learn submission. The great leaders are submissive. Have I learned submission? Is there more I need to know? To learn? Do I have what it takes to learn, to submit, to lead?
We learn submission and vicariously leadership through suffering. (Hebrews 5:8) Have I suffered in the learning? Was MOPS and WNHEN a time of learning submission through suffering? Or am I currently learning submission and leadership through suffering?

I currently serve as secretary on another board. Every year we bring in a speaker and plan a women’s conference. We had a meeting last Thursday and I was asked to contact a speaker for this year’s conference. I contacted the speaker and was preparing to email the other board members with my findings when I received a rather frantic phone call.

It seems apart from the board’s knowledge or involvement, a speaker had been contacted and was able to come. But we had to hurry up and decide because the speakers times were booking up fast so we had to have an emergency meeting to discuss this. On Super Bowl Sunday. An hour from where I live.

I called the chairwoman of the board and told her I was not going to make it to the meeting. I also told her my thoughts. Basically I was against it. Based solely on the speed of the decision and I did not like one member independently contacting a speaker the board knew nothing of. Call me weird, but if we’re a team we do things as  team and not on our own.  But I digress.

The result of the meeting was the speaker was asked to come and as far as I know has accepted. This is something I am not at all in agreement with. I think it was the wrong decision.

But I have a choice. I can get mad and leave the board. Or I can submit to the others and continue to serve. Does it just figure though? God will tell you something and you’ll get it. Only to have it tested less than an hour later? Figures.


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  1. Yeah figures – – I learned early on that you can’t be tied to your ideas.  You throw them out there and they either get accepted or rejected.  Tis the irony – it always gets ya that irony


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