1 Corinthians 1:15
Apparently a person’s name carried great weight. To be baptized in someone’s name meant something–even if it was just another person’s name.
Why do we baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Where and how did that get started?


Genesis 12:2
                  ~God blesses us and makes our name great.
                  ~Our name is great because of God’s blessing.

Genesis 32:27-28
                   ~We are known by our name
                   ~Names can be changed
                   ~Names reflect a person’s character

Job 1:21
                  ~The Lord gives and takes away
                  ~We still ought to bless His name.

Ecclesiastes 7:1
                    ~A good name is better than anything.

Proverbs 22:1
                    ~It is better to desire a great name than great wealth

Acts 4:12
                      ~Jesus alone has salvation
                      ~We can and are saved by no other name than Jesus

Philippians 2:10
                      ~Every knee will bow at the name of Jesus.
                      ~Every knee–Everywhere.

I’ve been reading a lot about science and evolution, atheists and agnostics, those who want to rewrite history, and those who want to deny it’s power.  I am currently reading a book by Michael Guillen entitled Can a Smart person believe in God?

He talks a lot about different scientists and their beliefs. I was listening to “This Is My Father’s World” play on the radio this morning and I started thinking about the verse in Romans that tells us God’s power and person are clearly seen in nature so that people are without excuse. Even those who choose to look at the wonders of creation and use mumbo-jumbo to explain it away, are without excuse. They will still face God one day and I would hate to be them at the moment they find their knees bowing in worship of the Being they denied repeatedly while they were living. I would hate to have to stand before God and tell Him to His face, He is just a crutch, He is stupid, and everyone who believes in Him is ignorant or wicked. I would hate to stand before Him and say, “You’re not real! You’re just a figment of some poor soul’s delusions.”

You may be thinking no one would do that because it would be crazy. But think, isn’t that what they are doing now? His power and Person are CLEARLY seen in creation. And they deny it. They deny Him. They look at th world around them and claim there is no God, no one made this. And they claim I’m ignorant?

Today the girlies and I are traveling to a nearby town in a nearby state. It will be quick because I have entirely too much to do today but I *have* to go. I am in dire need of going. And if you knew why I *have to* go, you’d understand.


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