Back in the saddle.

This morning in Bible study I was convicted. Sounds normal right? Isn’t that what is supposed to happen? Of course. But you see I wasn’t convicted about any sin in my life, or any of my myriad of self-inflicted hang-ups. Nope. I was convicted about my blogging. About my writing.

I love writing. And I used to be quite good at it. But lately it’s been a daily struggle to put two words together and form any sort of intelligent sentence. I’m not sure when or why or how it happened, just that it did. Some might call it writer’s block. I’m not sure.

I think I just got lazy. I thought because God had used me to touch others with my humor without any sort of real effort on my part it would always be like that. He would always put the perfect words in my mouth, the funny pictures in my head and I could just sit back and do nothing.

Unfortunately God apparently doesn’t work like that. To be sure He does on occasion but not always. He wants to me flex my muscles every now and again. Because what comes easy for us is not something we give Him thanks and praise for.

I have given Him credit and praise for the ways in which He has worked in my life and writing. But it hasn’t been by the sweat of my brow. It hasn’t been something I’ve gone to the mat with God over.

So what does this have to do with Bible study? People don’t often get convicted about things like that at Bible study right? Well Beth Moore told a story, a funny story. As I listened to her recount an event I couldn’t help thinking I could do that. 

So what’s stopping me? Me. I am. I, like everyone else, can be my own worst enemy. I can talk myself out of anything and everything.  But no more. I may not always be funny but it is not without reason my dear man calls me “The Humor in Life”.

In fact just thinking about that makes me smile. This morning on my way to get the girlies after Bible study I had Mark Schultz cranked up and I was singing…out loud. Loudly. I had the windows rolled up tightly because I did not want to subject the whole of creation to my fog horn voice. I am sure I would have been arrested and charged, maybe even convicted, for cruel and unusual punishment. I would have been locked way for good. Or at least until I promised never to sing in public again.

A friend of mine is a sign language interpreter and she’s been teaching me little bits of sign language. I will admit not only was I singing…loudly singing I was signing. And the signs I didn’t know (which are many) I just made up. I am sure I was a sight to be hold.

I was stopped at a red light and happened to glance out my window only to see a lady standing on the corner waitinig to be able to cross…which I might add she could have done had she not been too busy laughing.

At me.  Yeah, she was laughing at me. I just kinda waved, smiled and went right back to what I was doing.

Life is good.


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