LIfe happens

Saturday I planned on running 5 miles. Okay so I really wanted to run 6 because I ran 5 miles the previous Saturday. I picked a bigger hill, and a path that had more hills period than previously. I was pleased when I made it up the first large hill.

My personal trainer has told me the gradual hills are harder than the steep ones. I agree with him but I also know that hill I ran Saturday was not exactly easy. When I was about 1/2 way up the hill my calf started to hurt. I thought I could run it out, and kept telling myself, “No pain, no gain.” I remembered an article I had read about a man who ran with all 10 toes broken. Talk about painful! I knew this pain was nothing compared with that. So I pressed on.

The first three-fourths of my run was up hill. I was tired. I kept hoping someone would come along and say, “Pardon me, but walking is okay too.”  No one did. So I trudged on.

I decided to take a 5 second stand-still break before I finished my last 3ish miles. And that was where I stopped. I could go no further running. I tried. I decided from where I was I would just run home. I could not run. I could barely walk.

Our doctor lives in that neighborhood and I kept thinking if I knew which house was his I would ring his doorbell and say “FIX IT!” but alas I didn’t know which one was his house. My next thought was to walk to our pastor’s house and ask him to take me home. Then I realized Dear man and the girlies had gone to the bank and I had no key.

Then I thought I’d have our pastor call here and have them come and get me. Then I realized I couldn’t do that either because they weren’t home.

Some days I’m just a genius like that.

So I continued walking home.

And my leg stopped hurting. I did run some more on the way home but it wasn’t pretty and almost can’t be counted as running but more like very fast hobbling. I told Dear man I think I would have been fine if I hadn’t stopped to rest. He said I might have actually done more damage if I hadn’t stopped.

I don’t know what is wrong. I have pain from my heel to my knee. I am pretty sure it isn’t shin splints I have had those before and this is different. I was talking to a friend today and he said it sounded to him like a ligament thing. Great. Just great.

Tomorrow I need to call our doctor and get in. I am hoping he doesn’t say I can’t run, because right now I can’t NOT run.

I checked my mileage on Saturday, I ran 3.5 miles. I think because of the run being predominately up hill it took me 44 minutes. Not the fastest by any means.  I have a little over 2 months to get ready for my next big race. And I have 1.2 miles further to run before race day.


6 thoughts on “LIfe happens

  1. To run his steep hill a speciaél traing is needed . Next time be more prudent . I hope all is well with your calves now .But it is good to want to  go higher and higher .Thanks , friends , for yout kind birtheys wishes .Love Michel


  2. thanks for stopping by my site. i read several of your posts and enjoyed them very cousin has recently started running over the last several months and is trying to build up her stamina to do the pittsburgh half-marathon in may. i know it is a lot of work. i admire your tenacity and i very much hope that your injury isn’t serious or long-term….


  3. I have re – read your comment . You speak of ” our day ” .I have not realized and some days later I had the idea March 12 was your birthday too .So I wish you a happy belated birthday ..Love Michel


  4. Does the expression apply to running – it is the quality that counts not the quantity?  I hope you did not hurt anything.  So what did the Dr. say?


  5. Glad you were able to finish after that – I had to wince, just reading it! Just be sure not to run with all ten toes broken, should it happen. Thanks for the well-wishes; I’m on the mend, and would like to think that the worst of it is behind me (cold chills, misspellings, etc). 


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