Yoga, anyone?

A few weeks ago my family and I were in Omaha and while there I bought a book of word searches. I bought it because 1) I LOVE them, 2) it was cheap and 3) it boasted over 300 puzzles. It lied. There are only 300 puzzles.  Oh well. I still love them and it was still cheap.

This morning as I ate my breakfast I did a puzzle. This one had to do with yoga. Now I’ve contemplated “doing” yoga. Not because I’ve lost my marbles and gone off the deep end mentally. Not because I’m some eastern mystic. No, none of that. But because of the stretching and exercising.

I bought a yoga video at Target last year, I watched it and deemed it a waste of time and money. I never saw where they tell you what exercises to do and how to do them. It is nice to learn about the exercises, and it is always so much easier to talk about exercising than to actually do the exercising but still it would be helpful to know how and what you’re doing.

So I bought a Pilates beginner dvd and tossed the yoga dvd to the back recesses of the video cabinet. Who knows it might still be there. But back to the puzzle. I learned a little something about yoga this morning doing my word puzzle.

Most of the words that have to do with yoga have the word “Ow” in them. Now why on earth would anyone want to do anything with the word ow in it?  I mean come on. I tend avoid anything that might cause me to screech “OW!” Just call me weird.

In my puzzle I kept seeing the letters that spelled “fats”. I kept searching the list for “fats” and it wasn’t there. They didn’t even have the word “fatso” in the list. But there it was, FATS.  I couldn’t believe I was goin a yoga puzzle and the word fats wasn’t in the list but I KNEW it had to be a word.

Did you know if you knock off the last “f” and spell staff backwards, you get fats. Yup. Staff pose was one on my word list. Hence I did get to use the word “FATS”.

(along those same lines, if you turn “star” around you get “rats”. And if you turn “rats” around you get “star”? Kinda cool huh??!!!)