In days work….

I am not what anyone would classify as a dyed in the wool, staunch homeschooler.  I do not think it is the only way, the best way, the perfect way, the right way or God’s way to provide an education for your children. I do think it is right and perfect, best and only, God’s way for some families and even at that maybe not all the time. I also in some circles I would be branded a heretic for having such thoughts much less vocalizing them. For my family right now, homeschooling is the way we believe God would have us educate. It might change next year or in the next 5 years.

I had no desire to homeschool my children. None. My dear man did and since I am to be a helpmeet for him, I am to submit to him. We started homeschooling. There are days I want nothing more than to ship the girlies off to school somewhere..I don’t care where…anywhere I don’t have to explain the math problem 10 times, I don’t have to repeat the question 50 times, I don’t have to look into blank stares because they can’t remember what I just told them 10 seconds ago.

Usually my very next thought is “But I would miss them too much.” I vacillate between knowing I would miss them and the freedom I would have during the day.

This week Goober is taking achievement tests at our Christian school. I have seen attitudes in her I do not like. Some to be sure are sure to come and take up permanent residence for a time. The I-am-too-big-to-play-with-my-little-sister attitude.  She vacillates between being too big to play with Beanie and treating her like a baby. To be sure, I know tomorrow when the tests are over, Goober and Beanie will once again be best friends and play together all day. I know that but I still don’t like the attitude.

Goober knows many of the children in her class. Most of them go to our AWANA program and they are always excited to see Goober at school. But this year one little girl in particular has been excited. In a facebook conversation with this girl’s mom, I learned that this has been a hard year for her. Friends have not come easy. But she has come home from school excited this week. Goober and “Cutie” have played together all day at school. I hear all about Cutie at home, what she wore, what she said, what she did, if she got her name on the board.

I told Dear man last night that because I can so relate to what Cutie is going through I almost want to tell Goober she can go to school every day for the rest of the year just for Cutie. But that really doesn’t help much because the way Cutie is being treated at school is the same way Goober has been treating Beanie at home.  There are no easy answers. In fact I’m not even sure I’m asking a question.


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  1. It is not easy to raise and educate children . It seems you are succeeding . I enjoy it .We don’ t know homeschooling in France . School is an obligation since 1895 . It is all of a history !!Love Michel


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