Just a mishmash randomness post.

It has been raining since Thursday afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy rain…most of the time…but not like this. Rain means clouds and lots of them. I crave sunshine. They say it should be sunny again by Tuesday. I’m sure just long enough to usher in the next rainstorm.

Wednesday I did not get up and run. I just couldn’t. Thursday I ran twice. The second time I ran 1.5 miles in the rain. Our Culvers has Family Night on Thursday and kids eat free. I’ve taken to running there while Dear man and the girlies drive the van. I was fairly soaked as you can imagine. It was pouring rain.

Friday morning it was still raining and I wasn’t going to try running in it again. I planned on doing 30 minutes of pilates but that seemed to get squeezed out of my day. This morning it was incredibly windy but I didn’t hear any rain. I detest running in the wind, so I thought I’d bypass my run today too. And I had 7 miles of road to run!

I was sitting at the computer, breakfast was just finished and I wanted to run. I just decided to run when I could hear the rain coming down. It figures. I got ready and went anyway.

It didn’t take me long to remember I had forgotten to wrap my leg. Silly me did not turn around so I could wrap it. I thought I’d be fine. In a word, no.  I made it 2.2 miles before I had to stop. Bah.

I ran a different route than I normally do on my longer runs. I have decided I’m not running that way again. The drivers are just too annoying and obnoxious. I was honked at, stared at, beckoned to, and waved at. I wanted to shout, “PEOPLE, I am out here to WORK. I am NOT out here for your enjoyment. Leave me alone!” But that would have been rude.

Okay this isn’t quite as random as I thought….