I find I am not enjoying being sidelined much at all. I find myself longing to go out and run. I’ve been told by enough people though it would be beyond foolish for me to do that though. I don’t plan on running anytime really soon, but it is tempting.

Today was the “Sprint Up the Bluff” and I remembered it was this time last year I started thinking about running. It looked fun and easy. Ha ha. Now I know better, it’s not always fun and almost never easy. I didn’t actually start running until early June but the desire was born.

I learned about another race today. It is not one I think I can compete in. My first race last year, the one that really gave me the desire to run, might be out this year as well. It is after my 6 weeks of recovery but I may not be ready for it.

I don’t like be sidelined!


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