Row, row row your boat

is exactly what we are doing. Yesterday it did not rain, today it sprinkled, every day it has rained. Between last Wednesday and Sunday we had no fewer than 13 tornadoes. We have had pounding rain and hail. So far no hail damage which is a blessing of enormous proportions. And of course the tornadoes.

Because we have had so much rain, we get to see many rainbows. I told Dear man that rainbows were not an arch but were in fact a circle. Guess what? He didn’t believe me. Until I pulled out the big guns and ….

asked our pastor to please tell him the truth. He believes me now.

I have been asking the girlies a lot of questions about rainbows. Because science is learned through simply observing life around you, we don’t have a set science curriculum. This evening Beanie and I were outside and we saw a rainbow. (big huge surprise.) I asked her “Beanie, what do you need for a rainbow?”

“Rain and…and….and…saliva!!!”

She  now knows what saliva is too.


One thought on “Row, row row your boat

  1. So smart!!!On a side note, my daughter is starting a new adventure blogging about the books she is reading. She doesn’ t have much done yet but asked people to share her blog and I had told her that one of the bloggers I read (you) reviews books from time to time, and thought it would be something for her to consider career-wise one day, so that she can have flexibility once she is married and has children.  I know busy-ness prevails however, but she loves reading so this is good for her to continue in her writing skills and reading books while she is in college.  The website is  If that doesn’t work, try leaving off “the”.  I can’t remember if it is with “the” or not. 


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