This week Beanie had to write Matthew 6:10 for her penmanship page. Here is what she wrote, “Your kingdom come, your will be clone on eath as it is in heaven.”

I think I’d really like it if God’s will was cloned on earth as it is in heaven. I mean think about it. No more wondering what His will is. Because it is cloned. I think that would really solve a lot of problems.

Like the problem with sin. God says No! and we don’t because His will has been cloned on earth as it is in heaven. That would solve problems right?

Tonight I was playing Farm Town, a game on Facebook. In this game you’re given a 12×12 plot of “land” and you can plant crops, harvest them, take them to the market and sell them. You can buy trees, animals, fences, houses,  barns, and more land. Each crop costs you a certain number of coins, and you get a certain number of coins back when you harvest them.

When you plant your crops you have a certain amount of time to have them harvested or they will literally go to waste and you would have lost your investment.

This morning I was helping the girlies with their farm (they are learning math and economics for school) and then I went to my farm and planted grapes.  Grapes are ready for harvest in 4 hours. Four hours after we planted the girlies grapes they harvested them and planted some more. Apparently I completely forgot about my grapes because when I went tonight to harvest them, they had gone to waste.

How could that happen!!!????

I tried harvesting them to get them out and then realized I could “plow” over the top and “hide” the wasted grapes. I was also plowing furiously because a friend was coming over to my farm to harvest (you can hire people to harvest for you and you get more coins!) and I so did not want him to see that I had wasted a lot of grapes.

Some of my grapes refused to be plowed over. Absolutely refused.  The little dead grapes were sticking up all around the nicely plowed center. I had to get out my  CAT and remove the entire field. Which cost me even more coins, because it costs me 20 coins to plow.

As I grumbled about this, I realized how like sin that is. We screw up and then try to hide our sin by plowing over the top to make us look good. When the sin is sticking out all over.

Oh if only God’s will was cloned on earth as it is in heaven.

On a completely different note, I still cannot run. I started running again June 4th. I competed in a race the 12th, ran three other times and I am still having pain. My doctor recommended a chiropractor who can use cold laser and ultrasounds to hopefully get my leg to heal more quickly. I have an appointment Monday. That should be interesting, I think chiropractors are quacks.


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  1. I wondered how the running was coming.  Praying your leg heals quickly.  I’ll be in SB the week after the 4th.  Interested in getting the kids together to play sometime?


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