Things are heating up around here.

And I don’t mean just the temperature either. Although that is on the rise too. It actually feels like summer and that makes me happy.

Not that I like to be hot, mind you, I don’t. But I do love sunshine and it makes me eternally happy. Who can possibly be grumpy when the sun is shining and looking so happy?

I read yesterday that Icelanders do not suffer from SAD.  They enjoy it. Actually, they don’t suffer from it as much as one would suspect because they eat a diet consisting mostly  of fish. Too bad I don’t like fish. It seems something in the fish makes the Icelanders happy people.

I tolerate tuna, love crab salad but do not like crab meat. Weird, I know. A couple of years a friend took me to Red Lobster for my birthday. Because I boasted how much I like crab.

I lied. Shamelessly. Unintentionally but I lied all the same.

She ordered crab legs as an appetizer, showed me how to crack the little bones and get the good meat. Only it wasn’t near as good as it is in crab salad. She got to polish off the crab meat. Maybe if I tried it again? Do Icelanders even eat crabs? Here they get sent to their rooms. I’ve not ever thought of eating them. Maybe I should. I’ll be it would cut down the grumpies.

Just kidding of course!!

I also read that Norwegians have the lowest obesity rate among developed European countries. Their obesity rate among women is 5.8%, in America it is a measly 35.3%. The article I read said most Norwegians do not own a car, and those that do choose to walk or bike to their destination. No matter how far!

Can you imagine?  I mean really! I was looking for fans yesterday and you can get a remote control fan. Why? Because we’re too lazy to get and turn it off, on, up, or down. Americans are I think the laziest people on the planet. If cats were people, I am sure we would give them a run for their money. Except they’d win because we don’t run!

I have decided to let the van sit as much as possible.  We drive it when we don’t need to because it’s convenient and because we think the girlies can’t walk that far.  But no more. As far as we’re concerned, the van can sit 6 out of 7 days. I’m going to start biking to the grocery store and Target. I’ll have to go more often, but because my state does not have a food tax, I won’t be spending more per trip and I will be limited to what I can carry on my back. I may need a bigger back pack than I what I currently have but it will work.  I can take the girlies and they can help carry food in their backpacks. Church is about the only place right now that is in town I think we’d be better off driving too. I’m not sure the girlies could bike that far (2.8 miles) and it’s up hill.  And who wants to arrive all dirty, sweaty and stinky? Not us.

In Norway, children walk to school and back, for some that is 4 miles…ONE Way. Can Americans walk 4 minutes?  Did you know, every time you go to a restaurant and the server brings your food, you have in front of you enough food to feed three Norwegians? Yes! Amazing.

I don’t know if the restaurants are wanting us to be obese or if they are charging so much they want you to feel you’re getting your money’s worth. But it’s ridiculous! I wish more restaurants would allow adults to order off the kids menu. 

When we go to KFC as a family, we all order kids meals. Because they give you so much food! It truly is enough to satisfy adults. Why do children need that much food? Are my girlies the only ones who can’t finish them? Sometimes they have trouble finishing any kids meal.

Since last night I have ridden no fewer than 11 miles! Whoo. Exercise truly is metabolism booster. I am having such a hard time sitting down. My knitting is waiting but the thought of sitting and knitting is too much for my brain to think of. Sitting? I have to move!

Monday the girlies start a vbs in another town and state. They have to be there by 8:30 in the morning. That means we need to leave the house around 7:30-7:40. Yeah sure that will work. To save gas and ultimately money at least one of the three days they will be there, I’ll stay with a friend.

Wonder if she has a bike……


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