Yesterday we were contemplating God’s holiness. I tied some verses together.

1 Peter 1:15-16 calls us–commands us–to be holy because God is holy.
2 Peter 1:3 shows us that we can be holy. God has given us all we need live a holy life.
Romans 12:1-2 tell us how we are holy. By sacrificing not only ourselves but all we are. All our wants and desires, hopes and dreams, successes and failures. All of us. I think it is way too easy to offer our bodies and not the whole of us. “God, you can have my flesh, but leave my soul and spirit to me. Thanks.”

Living holy is a daily choice we make. We have to make it over and over and over all day long. The problems is no that I can’t be holy, but that I tend to be stupid and not remember my holiness is granted to me already. Instead I choose to live in the ” Land of no choice”.

I am not this way. I was created for better things. Now it’s time to start living like it.


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