Come again?

Beanie is still Momma’s girl To. The. Core.  That isn’t all bad of course, except when she wants to constantly be touching me, sitting on me etc and I’m all touched out.  She still loves to have me home at bedtime and we see no small amount of tears at the mere thought I might not be home at bedtime.

The other day she had to go to bed early because she had been up late the night before (she was shockingly awake still at 10pm) and woke up early that morning (early = 6:15am). I needed to run to the store for a few things that evening and promised her I would be home before she was in bed. (at 7:30)

She still cries, “It’s not fair! Goober gets to stay up later than I do. And she gets to go to the Farmer’s Market with you on Saturday and I know I’m going to be so lonely without you and her at home with me. Who will play with me? I’ll be all alone. It’s not fair.” Picture absolute sadness on her little face. So tired she was heartbroken over every. Little. Thing.  Can you tell she needed more sleep?

I rode my bike to the store and was home before she was in bed. Dear Man, Goober and Elizabeth were all laying on the kitchen floor praying, so I had it made in the shade. Until I looked at Beanie, eyes red, sad mouth, and tears streaming down her cheeks. I asked her what was wrong.

“I didn’t think you’d come home before I went to bed.” She sobbed out. I asked her if I had told her I would be home and she said I had. I spent some time talking with her about promises and keeping promises. I assured her if I promised her something, anything, I’d do whatever it took to keep my promise.

“But it seemed like you wouldn’t be here.” We talked about that. And about how sometimes God promises us something and we think it will happen right away but it doesn’t. So we start to doubt God and His word. Then we start moaning and groaning, maiming and complaining because we are sure God isn’t going to keep His word.

God ALWAYS keeps His word. For Him to do any less means He is not God. What has God promised you that you are starting to doubt will ever happen? Choose today to trust Him all over again for it.


4 thoughts on “Come again?

  1. Great post. 🙂 It’s it awesome that we can tell our kids that He is more faithful than even we are? I could tell she missed you last Wed when she was over, it was cute. 🙂


  2. Wow!  You have no idea how my reading this today has helped my faith in something I am struggling with.   Thank you for sharing this.


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