I think I might have won.

But it was close.

A local fast food restaurant has “Family Day” every Thursday. What is Family Day? Kids Eat Free Day!! Every Thursday for the past few months we have gone to Culvers for supper. It is the only day we eat out, so it’s extra nice.

Last night after we had our delectable supper, we trooped to the store. The girlies sat and ate their dessert ice cream while I shopped. Dear Man watched over the whole operation…well the girlies anyway. I did battle.

The cart started off just fine, then it realized I intended to enter the store and that is where it all went down hill. The cart would not turn. I had to manhandle the thing just to get inside. I angled towards the produce section and headed towards the apples. The cart is not going to turn for anything. I am yanking it this way and it’s insisting on going that way. I have to grab the apples on the run. And attempt to turn the cart to avoid crashing into the wall of the store. The cart I am sure was just trying to dislodge me by throwing me into the wall.

It didn’t succeed. I manhandled it yet again. Then I realized someone was coming my way. YIKES! I tried to turn and nearly took out the bananas and the snacks in the snack aisle. (Have you ever noticed how large the snack aisles are compared to the other aisles?) I angle towards the meat department.  I had to hold the cart back, it was rarin’ to go join the milk and butter, while I looked for the best price on stew meat.

Then I had to turn down the soup aisle and nearly took out an old lady. I was winning but I was also sweating profusely. After getting the soup I was very pleased to know I had now had no more turns to make in the store.

Would you believe that killer cart decided now would be a good time to turn left, no right, no left, no right? Yes. Now that I want to go straight, the cart wants to turn.

I won the cart battle but barely. I know the cart is just gathering ammunition for our next go-round. Hopefully someone else will have that cart. But I doubt it.


3 thoughts on “I think I might have won.

  1. It is awful to have to handle a cart that refuses to go where you want to. Anyway I don’ t like the suprermarkets ( but nowadays there are no more small shops )Next time take care of the cart you choose !!Love Michel


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