I was asked if I could post this on my blog and how could I refuse? A good friend of ours in a chaplain in our local jail.

with Mark Cress, Founder and President of

Community Chaplains of



Q:  Why do you think chaplains are able to win so many people to Christ?


According to some of the research we’ve done, most adults who come to
Christ (80%) do so during a time of crisis.  When those times of crisis
come, many people don’t have a relationship with a clergy member.  They
may not want to go to a church, but they still need to talk to
somebody.  A chaplain has the opportunity to be present with someone
during that crisis, to be a listening ear and a support system, and to
gain permission to talk with them about Christ.


Q:  Where and how are Community Chaplains already serving?


Several hundred people have completed the Community Chaplains training.
 There are commissioned chaplains now serving in 35 states and a
variety of settings.  We have one chaplain in Atlanta,
Georgia, who is serving a local swim team.  A church in
Raleigh, North Carolina, has a strong chaplain program and encourages
its leaders to take advantage of our continuing education services.  We
also have a college professor who will soon be the first official
chaplain for her university.  The possibilities are limited only by
your imagination.  One of our Corporate Chaplains of America clients
who owns a storage facility has requested someone to whom he can refer
his clients, since people often rent storage space during times of
personal upheaval.  These are just a few examples of places where
chaplains can—and do—serve.


Q:  Describe the process of becoming a Community Chaplain.


A:  The process is simple, and you can get started today! Community Chaplains training is available online at
If you prefer, the materials are also available in hard copy form and
can be mailed to you.  Our training materials will prepare you to
minister to people in crisis and approach every encounter as an
opportunity to intentionally show God’s love and share the Good News of
Jesus Christ.  Once you have worked through the materials and received
the approval of your pastor, you’re ready to start serving as a
commissioned Community Chaplain.


Q:  I would like to introduce the principles of caregiving as a church elective or discipleship course. Does Community
Chaplains offer any materials for group study?


Absolutely.  We offer a Community Chaplain group study kit with enough
materials to facilitate a ten member small group class.  This course
offers an overview of caregiving ministry (less intense than the course
designed for commissioned chaplains) and is a great way for churches to
extend their reach within their communities.


Q:  Who should explore the possibility of becoming a Community Chaplain?


Anyone who wants to minister to others, who wants to take advantage of
their everyday interactions with people as opportunities to build
relationships that allow you to be granted permission to share the
gospel should train to become a chaplain.  If you are already
volunteering in your community in some way (i.e. room parent, coach,
hospital volunteer, etc), you are perfectly positioned to transform
that volunteer role into your ministry role.  Our training materials
were written by experienced Corporate Chaplains of America, and they
contain everything you need to become a qualified Community Chaplain.
 No special background is necessary.  If you want to be salt and light
to a lost and dying world, this is the program for you.