Busy weekend.

Life seems to happen at warp speed. At least at my house it does. Maybe that’s why God decided I needed a good long rest and gave me the flu.

No, I am sure God did not GIVE me the flu, a germ gave me the flu but God could have prevented it and didn’t. Therefore God decided I needed to be ill for a very long time.

Nothing much of consequence happened on Saturday. But on Sunday I had 16 first and second graders in Sunday School. Those boogers ran me right out of chocolate. I bribe them with chocolate to behave and not make me lose my mind in class. So far it seems to be working. My mind waits to leave until class is over. We also had to greet Sunday morning. Right after Sunday School was over or slightly before.

I was tired before we left the house. My cup of coffee was not much help. I did survive 16 1st and 2nd graders and greeting. Wouldn’t you know, the Sunday after I spent most of the previous two weeks mostly dead, and was now simply exhausted, the worship team decided to double the number of songs? And our pastor decided to teach us 1 Timothy 1:17 and made us stand up and sing it 50 million times. And then stand up and sing the closing hymn?

Did I mention I had 16 1st and 2nd graders in Sunday school? Do you know how big of a mess that many children can make in a small room? Trust me it’s probably best you use your imagination on that one. My lovely girlies gladly skipped downstairs to clean up my SS room for me after church.

At 3 in the afternoon, Goober had a piano recital. She did very very well!! We are really quite proud of her.

She played “Chinese Painting”.


3 thoughts on “Busy weekend.

  1. Hi…Nice recital. I remember being about that age….piano recital….me frightened…..me running behind the piano…me hiding….me not doing the recital….me crying. Enough said?


  2. I think God is not happy when someone is ill ,no more he wants  someone to be ill . God brings love , solace an comfort .;.and welcome.I have admired your daughter at the piano . She is graceful .Love Michel


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