There is supposed to be a wick in there someplace. A friend made the candle for me and I love it. Coffee scented goodness. But soon after lighting it the first time the wick decided it was tired and would really like a nap. So down it fell and has not made an appearance again.

I keep this candle on my mug warmer, you know the thing you put your mug of coffee on to keep it warm so that it constantly scalds your tongue as it burns the lips right off your face? I can’t seem to keep track of my coffee mugs long enough to use it. And I’m rather partial to my lips and taste buds anyway. I use it, rather for wick-less candles that I can’t bear to part with.

Okay as I sit here staring dumbly at my computer, I can feel my brain cells dying off one by one. And I find myself in dire need of chocolate. And none in the house.


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  1. Haha! The candle on the mug warmer is a good idea! But a bad idea to not have chocolate in the house. I always keep a stash in my freezer (to hide from my hubby, who will devour it all in ten seconds). Mmmm, now I want chocolate. Maybe it's a GOOD idea to not have any after all. Sigh.


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