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Linda Fulkerson is a wife, mom, author, hobby farmer, photographer, online marketing consultant, and self-proclaimed blogaholic. She’s been blogging for nearly six years, and while some not-quite-six-year-olds are barely out of pull-ups, in the blogosphere, that puts her among the blue-hairs. You can learn more about Linda by visiting Linda recently launched an instructional blog, On Blogging Well: Tips to Take Your Blog from Stagnant to Stunning.

The Power of Blogging

First of all, I’d like to thank Virginia for hosting me today! I’m excited not only about the blog launch, but about how blogging can affect lives. Almost every day, newscasts tout some blog that made a difference, whether it was a breaking story, some benevolent act, or the latest snippet of celebrity gossip. The thing that makes blogging such a journalistic force is that blogs are written by real people,

Blogs have personality.

Because blogs are written by regular folks, they have individual personalities. Whether it be snarky, geek-speak, plain Jane, or stuffed-shirt, a blog takes on the personality of the blogger. In writer-world, this is often referred to as “voice.” The blog’s voice enables regular readers get to “know” the blogger. Relationships are forged through forums and comments, forming a community. Those communities are referred to as a blogger’s “tribe,” indicating the influence bloggers can wield over their audiences.

Blogs have purpose.

If they don’t, they won’t last long! This purpose is the force that fuels the blogger to keep at it. Blogging can be hard work, but most blogs begin because the author has a strong message to deliver. Purposes include everything from politics to parenting to poker tips. Some bloggers begin with an eclectic collection of ramblings and rants. Those blogs often fall by the wayside. It’s hard for a reader (or a search engine, for that matter) to focus on what the blog is about, so the blogger struggles to build a loyal community and often gives up.

Blogs have passion.

Effective bloggers select a blog topic they love, and that desire to discuss and share hopes, dreams, fears, and plans about your blog’s topic of choice can give a blog an almost life-like aura. The blog becomes an online personification of the blogger in many cases. I read a lot of blogs regularly and feel as though I “know” the blogger. Why? Because they are so passionate about their purpose, their personality shines through in each post. This passion is the glue that holds the blog together.

What about you?

Have you begun blogging? If not, On Blogging Well offers step-by-step instructions on how to get started. If you have a blog but it’s not all that you’d hoped for, we also offer tips to take your blog from stagnant to stunning. I hope you’ll stop by and become one of our regulars!

Happy Blogging!
Linda Fulkerson


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