There may not be a point to this

Last night we had company for the night and most of today. It was wonderful. These are dear dear friends.

We both have two children. My oldest and her oldest are 4 months apart in age and have been friends as long as they can remember.

I can actually remember the exact date. Which is rather remarkable because I’m not an exact date kind of person. I can’t tell you the date my dear man and I met, or had our first date.

I was reminiscing with my oldest tonight as she was crying because she missed B. I told her the day she met her dearest friend for the first time. It was December 26, 2000. I was in the kitchen making a fried egg sandwich and A, 5 months old was sleeping downstairs, when the doorbell rang. I left my lunch and went to see who was there. I forgot about my lunch in the excitement of people at my house.

A normally slept 1.5-2 hours. This day she didn’t. Shortly after my friend rang the bell, I heard her through the monitor. I waited thinking she’d go back to sleep and she didn’t. I remember saying, “I’m going to go get her up.”

I told her tonight, “You knew your best friend for life was upstairs and you had to meet her.”

And A said, “Momma, what is a ‘baby monitor’?”