Bad boys, bad boys

I know the theme song for COPS is about those who make their living on the wrong side of the law. I get that, but sometimes things get changed around a little. This morning, I saw a car blow through a red light. Now fortunately the intersection was for once, quiet. Not so normally.

No, normally that intersection is a mass of humanity driving to work, to school, to knock off a couple of the banks that litter that corner of my world. But today, it was quiet. Which worked well for the numbskull…err genius who ran the light.

How do I know he ran the light while it was red? Because you see, I happen to be a law abiding citizen. Oh yes. I stopped at the red light and the police cruiser coming straight at me had nothing to do it.

Well okay. Maybe a little. But more than the policeman, it was the two children in back seat. I don’t know about your children, but mine…oh they will nail you every time you even think about breaking the law.

But we’re not here to talk about me. Oh no. We’re here to talk about the yay-whoo…errr brilliant person who ran the red light.

He not only ran the light on red, he did it with the aforementioned police car in the same half block. So there was no wishy-washy feeling on my part that the policeman saw the idiot….errr….smart person run the light.

And just what did this man in blue do?

Not a blooming thing. Oh well I mean HE stopped at the light, came to a complete stop, looked both ways a few million times and then promptly turned right while the light was still red. And then I’m sure he moseyed on his way. I thought he might have been headed to the donut shop, but in fact he had probably just come from there. As the bakery was behind him. Maybe it was a sugar-induced, feel good, love everyone type of reaction to all the sugar coursing through his system. I don’t know.

But he still did nothing. And it makes me so happy to know these paragons of virtue, these select few are really willing to lay their life on the line for my safety.