My girlies and I just walked to the mall and home. Yes, I know it’s hovering close to frigid out there. If we only left the house when it was warm we wouldn’t leave the house for 6 months. Besides the cool air is good for the constitution.

As we were leaving, we saw a little boy pitching a royal fit. His mom took him by the hand to kind of force the issue of leaving and that little booger wiggled free and proceeded to throw himself on the floor in a bigger royal hissy fit. Enter Grandma. “Come on, I’ll hold your hand. If you had been nice in the store we would have stopped to play games but you weren’t nice.” Louder screaming from the child. I swear if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have thought he was being horse-whipped. The child’s mom handed her packages off and picked up the child and off we all went.

I wanted to applaud. I really did. Instead I contented myself with telling my girlies “See you aren’t the only ones who get taken out of stores for having a fit.”

So yesterday I blogged about watching Julie and Julia and how much I wanted to cook. Well, I still do but I still haven’t made it to the grocery store. But I did cook! Well technically it wasn’t cooking but baking I did. Today I made bread.

I never thought I would enjoy making bread. I thought it was too hard and time consuming. But that was before I tried it. Now I enjoy it. I have found the perfect flour to use to get the bread to rise nicely. Before it was always a struggle to get it to rise at all, much less nicely. I no longer have that problem.
The dough, just after I’ve allowed some of it to sponge and before I stir in the remaining flour, salt, butter and honey.
The dough, after the first kneading (I just literally typed “needing”). I kept thinking how easy it is to knead dough, to shape it how I want because it is so very pliable in my hands. It doesn’t resist me or my poking and prodding at all. It is very elastic and conforms and reforms to whatever shape I desire. The more I knead it, the more it grows. I found myself praying for a pliable heart in God’s hands. That I would be a willing and eager lump of dough in His hands.
Ready for the first rising. I always get so excited at this point. Beanie was more than excited though. She got to take a break from school to butter the bowl. And as you can see she did a marvelous job!
The dough is now in the loaf pans and in the warm oven for the final rising. Now I am beyond excited. I can’t wait to smell it’s luscious bit of goodness.
Now that is what I call a nicely raised loaf of bread. All ready to go in the oven.
Now that, my friends, is as Alton Brown would say, “Good eats!”