I think it only fair and right and good and …and…and….okay I can’t think of anything else it is, to post a “failure” or two or …twenty.

I confess also I have not been cooking my way through Mastering The Art of French cooking. Lately I’ve been lucky to Master the Art of Fast Food at Home. It is Spring and that means Mother’s Day, anniversaries and graduations galore. So I claim busyness as my only excuse and for now it’s workin’ for me.

My friend makes the most wonderful tacos in the world. I begged and pleaded with her to give me the recipe and then when her back was turned I just ….stole it.

Or not. She’s really too nice to me to make me beg and plead and then resort to thievery. She merely handed me the recipe and a blank recipe card and told me to “go nuts.” I did.  The recipe is really incredibly easy.

For HER! For me…I don’t know, it seems to be more of a challenge. I can’t seem to get the flavor right.

Hmmm…I just had a thought…could it be because I don’t even bother to look at the recipe?

Nah!! It couldn’t be that.  How hard could it be? You have hamburger, cummin, onions, salt and pepper, more cummin, tomatoes and green peppers? Surely it can’t be hard.

Hahahahahaahaha. This is only proving my deep inadequacy in the kitchen.  It’s not that the tacos taste bad. They just aren’t as flavorful as my friends.

Maybe this is why Julia Child tells you in the book, not to “experiment” too early in following a recipe. She says you should make it a number of times before you leave the cookbook in the cupboard and start experimenting with the recipe. 

So my lesson has been learned. I’ll actually start following the recipe…again.


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