Not about cooking per se….

but it does involve the kitchen.

I have taken to watching “How Clean Is Your House” on BBCA. Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! It’s the best show. Especially if you tend to think your house is “clean enough” as the kitchen sink is piled high with dishes from last night, last week, last month or even last year. If you think you only have a few dust bunnies that can wait for a few days.

This show will steer you straight. Trust me on this one. Kim and Aggie, the clean freaks on the show get into all sorts of “messes” in their attempt to make this world a cleaner place. Some of the houses they walk into, some of the things they touch and smell would have me running for the hills, or using their pocket to vomit in.

I watched one episode in which the homeowner was a health enthusiast. She ate only health food, ran and worked out like a maniac. Yet her house was a denizen of germs and bacteria. I’m not talking the normal bacteria we all have, I’m talking fatal bacteria.

What got me the most was when Kim informed the homeowner that her toilet was cleaner than her refrigerator.  I wondered how my refrigerator would stand up to any test Aggie might possibly give it. I knew my bathroom was probably okay because I make sure it is cleaned every day and scoured once a week. But my refrigerator?

I took it upon myself to clean it. I knew it was a mess. I just had no idea. I think at some point something dripped down from the freezer and produced…mold. BLECK!!!! I cleaned that right up. I am sure though, Kim and Aggie would have my head though because while I used bleach water, I did not wear cleaning gloves.

At first I was only going to take the shelves out and clean them and put them back. I even knew that under the crisper drawers it would be bad so I was going to leave those in. What was I thinking?  I did take out all the shelves including the crispers.

Okay that looks almost bad…how ’bout this view?

Yes, and my food was on that. My food that I consumed. True, most of it was cooked first at rather high temperatures but still. *shudder*

Under the crisper drawers was ….oh never mind. Let’s just say it’s best if I don’t repeat it and you don’t have to read it. 

Anyway, I used hot water, a little bleach and dish soap with a healthy dose of elbow grease.  After an hour, this is what it looked like:

Notice, you can see what is in my crisper drawers!! Before I cleaned it that wasn’t possible.  So now I challenge you, CLEAN THE FRIDGE!!!!


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