Silver Dollars, Flapjacks, Hubcaps, Platters, Saturday Morning Specials.

Or as they are also known as Hot Cakes. Or pancakes.

Yes, that is peanut butter and jelly on my pancake. I happen to like it best that way. Otherwise, pancakes are really rather…hmmm…not something I want to eat.

I am and have been for many years a pancake maker-flunky. I can not get them done without burning them. Generally speaking my pancakes are either burned or liquid in the middle. Now my dear man says it is most decidedly because I have the heat too high. I think he’s a bit daft. And besides, when I cook them I generally don’t have a lot of time to stand around waiting for them to cook.

Because of my great inadequacy in the pancake making department, my dear man is known as Chief Pancake Maker around these here parts. But tonight I thought I’d give it a go. We usually use the famous Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, but tonight I wanted something a little more…shall we say…exotic? Yes. Yes, we shall say that.

I know Julia Child made crepes, but technically crepes aren’t pancakes. I decided not to waste any more time going through her cookbook in search of pancakes so instead I reached for Irma Rombauer’s cookbook, “The Joy of Cooking”. I was not disappointed.

I found pancakes. As I was mixing I realized one thing, There is almost no difference between the two recipes. Almost none.

My thinking is there is really only one recipe for pancakes in the world and no matter where you are that is the recipe you must use.

Quite delightful pancakes though. And almost none of them burned…after I reduced the heat to practically off. 

My family does not realize it is the same recipe in a different cookbook and let’s just …keep this tidbit of knowledge between us, shall we?