Keep me runnin’

A few weeks ago I was challenged..albeit indirectly…to run every day for at least 51 days. My goal is to run every day for 52 days because I’m not a quitter and I play to win.  My friend ran every day for 51 days, I’ll run for 52 days. And who knows,  maybe I’ll keep running.

I am almost 3 weeks into my running challenge. It sounds better to say “three weeks” than merely almost 21 days. My 21st day will be August 23rd and as it is now August 19th, I’m close. So close I can smell it…almost. I’m not sure why the 3 week mark means so much, maybe because people have long touted “It only takes 21 days to make a habit!” and once I have the run-every-day-habit I’ll never quit. Until of course it gets too cold and dark to run at 6am.

Yes I am that crazy. I run at 6. In. The. Morning.

Today after my run I flopped on the hardwood floor…gingerly of course. And almost slipped into a deep coma. Had Alex, the cat, not climbed on me, I very well would have been completely comatose.  As comfortable as the floor is, my bed is so much more so I moved there thinking to just nap for half an hour, an hour at the most.

Three hours later I wake up.  Guess I was a little more sleepy than I thought. And so much for the whole “to have energy you have spend energy” theory.


One thought on “Keep me runnin’

  1. Good for you for getting out there and challenging yourself like that! I know, personally, if I set a goal like that for myself, I'd quit WAY before the 21 days were up. I always do, unfortunately (and yes, it bugs me to death!).I'm aiming to be a runner, but so far I've just managed to sneak in 3-minute spurts during my 30-minute walks on the treadmill (I'm too out of shape, at the moment, to do anything longer than 3 minutes). Some day…Keep up the good work, though! You're an inspiration to me! :D~MizB


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