Darn Allergies~

Literally! Ugh. At least that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. 

The other day I went for my every Thursday two-point-five-mile run.  For now it’s my long run,but next week it will be my easy run. 

I’m actually pushing toward a 5K, which I know is only 3.1 miles but right now it might as well be 300.1 miles, or three thousand. one miles. 

Anyway, so I went for my every-Thursday-two-point-five-mile run, came home and fell in a heap on the hardwood floor. That is not quite so unusual. In fact that is pretty much my MO. I run, I fall in a heap until I feel somewhat human again and then I drink chocolate milk and voila! I’m back to my old self. (emphasis on old…yup, I’ve hit a new decade..well that was about 6 months ago and it’s taken me this long to acknowledge it.)  When I, laying in a heap on the floor, realized I was very close to slipping into a coma; I got up and just went to bed. I planned on only sleeping for at the most one hour. If truth be told at all, I doubted I’d sleep at all. Once I’m up, I’m up for good.

So imagine my surprise when first of all I heard a strange rustling by my bed, opened one eye and jumped out of my skin. It seems my 10 year old decided Momma needed breakfast.  So sweet.  I promptly fell asleep again only to surface at 9:45.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I slept for 3 hours. I woke at almost 10. I honestly can’t remember the last time I slept that late.  The whole day was just weird after that. I mean I felt like the day was over and I was just getting started.

Friday I was determined I would not repeat it.  I ran half a mile, a mere mile and half short. Considering I had no desire to run at all any little bit is better than nothing. I ran half a mile and walked the half mile home. Thereby negating the need to fall on the floor in a heap. No falling for me. I skipped my chocolate milk and ate yogurt instead. Then I worked. And I made coffee…with caffeine in it. And I drank it. A lot of it. All of it. I drank it. I had caffeine. A lot of caffeine. I became the Energizer bunny. Oh yeah.

I think I’ll sleep again around Thanksgiving.