Sometimes my brain amazes me with great capacity and huge propensity to forget the simplest of simple tasks. Like say for example, setting something out for supper.

Hello! We all have to eat and we all generally eat supper in the evening. And generally we don’t go foraging through the freezer unless we’re having ice cream.

And while I think that wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially on the hot summer nights, dear man is decidedly against it. How could I have married a meat and potatoes man while I am such a foodie free spirit? Cereal for supper? Unheard of..for him. For me? A delicacy. Ice cream? You’re out of your ever-livin’ mind! For me, Hot dog!!! (only much better than hot dogs)

Yesterday found me at 4pm contemplating what would be for supper. And then it hit me. Supper was frozen solid in the freezer and the grill wasn’t started.

Not be deterred, because I was merely pondering this because my tummy was gnawing away on my backbone, I contemplated the finer points of fine dining…namely, peanut butter and jelly.

We had that for lunch. And who wants left over peanut butter and jelly? Not me. I contemplated using speed dial and begging someone to make supper for me because I was sick, desperately sick and couldn’t feed my family.

I was merely sick in the head and I didn’t think that would qualify. I contemplated my options a bit longer and my desire for a fine dining experience kept growing.

EUREKA!!! I had the answer. I knew the best place for fine dining at its finest!!!  And no, it’s not McDonald’s. Although you’d be close!

Culvers! Simply the finest of fine dining establishments. And last night they were giving away free samples of the “Flavor of the Day”!!  Which was “just drummy” and was not my cup of joe, but everyone else seemed to like it.

Oh and hey, maybe I should take the pork chops out of the freezer now, ya think??  Tonight we shall be dining on grilled pork chops (provided the grill doesn’t hate me), potatoes and some sort of vegetable.  What will you be feasting on?