I love Target. I love everything about Target. I love walking in, wandering the aisles. I love ferreting out their bargains.

A good date for me is an hour alone to wander Target. I don’t even have to buy anything. Just wander and dream. In fact, sometimes I go there to get something simple like a loaf of bread and I’ll take forty-five minutes just wandering. I’m not lost, I’m just wandering Target checking out all the sales and future purchases. I’ll even mentally play the “if I ever win the receipt sweepstakes, this is what I’ll do with the gift card” game. You know, the sweepstakes on the bottom of the receipt, where you either call or go online and rate their service and then you’ll be entered to win a $1000 gift card. I just need to start remembering to enter. Yeah, details tend to slip my mind.

Because my mind is a slippery place.

On this past Sunday afternoon, I had the dubious honor of wandering Target. I had a legitimate reason for being there, we needed bread. Since Dear man was at the park with the girlies, I had time to meander aimlessly through the hallowed aisles, commenting to every store employee of my deep and abiding love of Target.

In my aimless meanderings, I stopped to look at some clearance items when another shopper said “excuse me” and walked between me and the sale items.  I kept my meanderings and trailed this interloper down the aisle.

We were just pat the toys and headed straight to school supplies, when out of the blue she stopped and turned around.

I really should stop following people so closely.

She looked at me and said, “I know who you are!”
I am busy racking my brain trying to place her because I’m not remembering her at all. I am sure I must have met her at sometime and some place but I’m coming up empty on a name, when she says, “You’re my neighbor.”

Okay that was a slight hint. But I know my neighbors and well, she wasn’t ringing a bell. She must have seen my puzzled look because she exclaimed, “You’re the jogger.”
“Why yes, I am.”
She points to herself as she says, “Porch sitter.”
“Well we all have our jobs to do.”


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  1. LOL! Too funny! You know I was simple enough to fill out one of those sweepstakes. Pfft. A. Waste. Of. Time. Don't you just love the Super Targets? They don't have them everywhere.


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