I took the night off….

On Sunday we passed Perkins (like Denny’s) and I saw they had again their slices of pie buy one, get one free. And since there are four of us, we could get a slice for everyone, on the cheap!

I dreamed about pie all afternoon. I could taste it. I longed for it.

I put off my pie eating until supper time. When we all trooped to Perkins and ate pie for supper. Yup. We had pie. It was simply glorious.

We did eat healthy pie, we all ordered some type of fruit pie so it’s all good!

I seem to have fallen into some sort of fearful stupor about Julia Child’s, Mastering The Art of French Cooking. Or maybe I think I can only cook from it in the winter ? I don’t know but I do know it has been weeks, maybe months since I even opened the book.

I can feel the cooler weather coming and I’m excited to bring it out and cook from it. I wish I was dedicated enough and had the time to make one recipe from it every day and blog about it. Maybe I will sometime.

I still use The Joy of Cooking, at least weekly. That is such a treasure trove of recipes and so easy to follow.

I find myself incredibly anxious for soup. It’s almost the right kind of weather for it too. I was tempted a couple of times this summer to make Vichysoisse, or cold potato soup but I’ll admit it freely, I am afraid of cold potato soup. The very thought does not sound appealing to me. A friend had it on a cruise this year and said it was divine. I’m still chicken.

I’m dreaming of a good vegetable beef with barley soup. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.