Waiting for God

When I was in college I was bound and determined to make it big in Hollywood. In my History of Theatre class, my professor spent a lot of time talking about his favorite play, Waiting for God. Which is not pronounced “God” but “Guh-Doh”.  I don’t remember much about the play but I do remember it ends with God not showing up.

Fast forward a few hundred years, yesterday my girls and I traveled to a larger town in Wyoming to do some serious shopping.  I rocked the “Saving Money World.” It was as if I became Dave Ramsey. Or at least I had him in my back pocket.  I saved so  much money I thought I would go back to college and finish my degree, only I would not study Waiting for God again, I would study finance. Forget that simple math can drive me batty. I knew I could rival Dave Ramsey at his own game. I knew it.

In order to get to this larger town, I had to drive through some pretty desolate places on some pretty deserted highways.   I do not live in a large urban area. Farm ground and ranches are much more prevalent here than any high rise office buildings. You are more likely to see farm stores and men in cowboy boots caked in manure than anything resembling Wall Street wear.  My part of the world has a definite beauty, but for some, it’s just to desolate. Maybe you have to live here to see and appreciate the true beauty.

To keep myself from going batty with silence (the girls were working on school in the back seat), and to keep my spirit focused on WHAT is truly important, and to prevent my panicky about buying twice as much groceries with half the money, (that is another post!) I listened to KLOVE  until I ran out of the signal. When that happened I popped in my Aaron Shust cd.

On the way home, Aaron’s song, My Savior My God, was playing when I was passed by a semi-truck heading in the opposite direction. As he passes, I look in the rearview mirror and I am shocked to see all of this truck in my lane. I could only pray over and over, Thank YOU! I have no idea how he could pass me and immediately be completely in my lane without hitting me.

 “My Savior loves, My Savior lives, My Savior’s always there for me.” 

What might have been simple platitudes before became very real. There is nothing more real, than hearing My Savior Lives and realizing had God not stepped in, the semi most certainly would have clipped at least the back of my van. At 65 miles an hour, I most certainly would have lost control and it could have been deadly.

 I am no longer Waiting for GOD, He showed up in a big way.  And I will never be the same.