For Beth Moore.

I just read Beth Moore’s blog. She talked today about her “happy place”…the Tetons. I live only one state east of them and I haven’t ever been. Maybe I should.

Beth closed by asking what was our happy place. I commented quite honestly that since I was in dire need of a nap, my happy/favorite place was bed. Before I hit the submit button, I pondered a while to see if I had another place I liked better. And the answer is a resounding NO! I am such a slug. My favorite place to be is bed, either sleeping or with a good book and a cup of good coffee.

However, since I can’t stand to sit still for 10 minutes, I can’t just lounge in bed all day. I would make myself crazy.

The next part of the comment was my realizing and since I can’t have an unexpressed thought, I said, I told 50 million people that I had been too busy since crawling out of bed to have it made yet. It is after 3pm.

To prove it I snapped this.

And no, I’m not proud. I hadn’t even opened the windows!
But never fear, I quickly rectified the situation.

What is that on the bed? 
My Bible study lesson. 
And okay it was staged, but I had to have some place to keep it. 
What is your favorite place to be?