Sweet Nectar of the gods. on TwitpicThis morning I read Psalm 66. In verse three we are told to “Say to God, ‘How awesome are Your works!'” I prayed for my eyes to be open so I could see Him at work and see His works. I know I really only had to look outside and I could see His works, but go with me here.  I want so much to be able to exclaim, “God, You are awesome for… .”  In the midst of my prayer, God gently whispers to my soul, “I made the coffee bean.” And I began to “Shout joyfully to God…”

God made coffee! God made coffee and He is awesome!! Coffee is good, even great, but God alone is awesome! If you look in Genesis 1, God exclaims “It is good!” after every thing He created. So coffee is good.

Could I get an amen!!! only did God remind me that He made coffee, He had the radio play “Low Fat Latte” by Michael O’brien just as I was leaving for Bible study. The song lasted, and yes was blasted from the speakers, until I got to Dear Man’s office to drop off the girls.

At Bible study this morning, I learned so much. Most of which I’m still processing…or maybe I’m just not ready to share yet. But I will share this. My family is in the Bible. Yup. We are there.

I went down to the garden of nuts to see the fruits…
Song of Songs 6:12 (kjv)