Saving Money Part 2.

My husband’s favorite thing to do on a date is to wander around the mall.  He just really loves to window shop. Which is really strange to me because we don’t need any windows and he hates to spend money on anything.  In fact, he so hates to spend money, when we got married he refused to buy white underwear. He thought his black chonies would do just fine.

Under his white tux.

I spent some time the night before we got married in the men’s underwear department buying him tidy-whities.

I’m now backing off that rabbit trail…and coming back to the topic. I do not so much care for wandering the mall. I hate to window shop. I don’t enjoy just browsing to see what is out there I might like to buy. I am not fond of the game, “If money were no object..” because money is an object and sometimes my money makes some pretty big objections.

It might be a male/female thing.  Russ can wander the mall and see things and not think, “Oh! I like that. And I think I need it.” He can see things and have no designs on how it could be in his house, how he could use it.

I am not that way. I go to the mall when I need something from the mall. I go in and I get what I need and if I am on my toes and paying attention, if I’ve shored up my resolve, I can make it out of the mall without purchasing anything else.

Russ thinks if you just don’t take any money with you when you wander, you won’t be spending any money and that is good. And he would be right. But it doesn’t help the “if only I had…” game that is played in my head and heart every time we “wander the mall”.

Money saving tip number 2 just might be overly simplistic to some, but don’t buy anything. If you don’t want to spend money, leave it at home. In fact, unless you need something, leave yourself at home too.

If you aren’t spending money, you’re saving money.