Books Fall Open, I fall In


These are a few of my favorite things.

I’d like to thank Martha Stewart for her book, HomeKeeping Handbook, The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home. Between the covers of this book is a treasure trove of everything you could ever possibly want or need to know about caring for your home. She even teaches you how to wash dishes. I know over the years Martha Stewart has gotten a bad rap. I know she is very perfectionistic, and is a type-A to the extreme. But the information she offers is second to none.

I’d like to thank Irma Rombauer for putting together The Joy of Cooking. I never in a million thought I would have this cookbook or that I would have it as my go-to cookbook!  She even shows you how to cut up a chicken.

I’d like to thank Julia Child for seeing this book through to completion.  I have made several recipes from this book, some of them scare me to death. But I have found this to be a treasure trove!

But mostly, I’d like to thank God for this book!