Blog On, my friend, Blog on

I started blogging a number of years ago when my children were small. I saw it as a means to hang to my tiny thread of sanity. I blogged like a maniac.   I blogged about my life as I saw it and even as it happened. I blogged about my children saying things like,

“I love you, Momma, even though your eyes are green”


“Jesus gave me an extra big pile of toots because He can’t toot.”

My blogging turned into a monthly article with a local Christian newspaper.  And still I blogged on.  I dreamed of turning my crazy blog posts into a book. I spent countless hours researching writing a book. I took copious notes on being published. I then spent a bazillion hours freaking out because “No one knows my name!  I have to do my own PR before any publisher will look at me.” I also realized during this time that I had to hone my skills and narrow my focus. I had to find my special place in the blogosphere or no one would notice me and my blog.

I somehow forgot I already had done a lot of PR just blogging about life. I already had a number of people who followed my blog.  And it definitely wasn’t in any niche. It was just me–blogging about life.

I went through a season where I couldn’t string together two sentences that made any sense at all. Some call it writer’s block, I agreed with them at the time. Now I’m not so sure though.  I think I was so focused on finding a niche and  not just blogging, that I tried too hard, got frustrated and ultimately I stopped blogging altogether for a while.

Then facebook happened. Facebook is a blog for those with ADD/ADHD. Why should I spend copious amounts of time formulating a blog post when I can say what I want in one or two sentences?   Twitter isn’t much better. Now one can blog on there and only use 140 characters.

I put some feelers out to my facebook friends about starting a “foodie blog” and it was fairly unanimous that I should start one. Now I already had a blog and while it did occur to me to just use my blog to post foodie things, I started another blog. Then because I love photography and crocheting I started a crafy blog. And I homeschool, so I had a homeschool blog too. Because I thought I had to find my niche if I wanted to be anyone in the blogging world.

The other night I was bemoaning to God that all my readers had vanished into thin air. I had no following.  “No one likes me anymore, God, I might as well eat worms”. Yes, I had a pity party before the God of the universe.

Because I roll like that.

When God asked if I was blogging for my glory or for His?  I really could have gone a million years without being asked that question. The only answer is the implied answer. If I was blogging for His glory, I would not be worried about my following. I wouldn’t be sad because “no one comments. I blog my heart out and it gets me nowhere.”

Last night I was reading Amy’s blog and I was a little surprised to see she had gone through the pain of trying to find a niche because that is what bloggers must do.  She however, instead of getting frustrated and not blogging, she realized her niche is herself. She can blog about her life.


You will notice in my sidebar I have links to my food blog, my craft blog, my blog of book reviews, and this blog.  I am not sure yet if I will keep them, but I plan on blogging here to my heart’s content and for God’s glory.


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  1. When I started blogging, I prayed (and still do occasionally) that the Lord would use my blogs to draw people to Him. I desire to do everything for His glory, including blogging. I sometimes wonder if anyone even reads my blogs :). Wonder but not worry. Comments are nice but not necessary. I blog on….:).


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