High-School Football for Ignorant.

It’s Autumn and that means Football at our house.  I live in a state without a professional football team and our college team is currently ranked #6, but since Alabama lost yesterday we should move up.  It is a state joke that if you don’t like the college team we revoke your citizenship.  We take our football that seriously around here.

Our high school’s biggest rival is a town about 5 miles away, or just across the river. This year I thought it would be fun to take the girls to watch that game. We have never yet taken them to any game, much less a big rival football game.

I told Mr. Full Cup this evening that we missed our chance because they played last Friday.  He said he was really surprised the rival school ever won, (and they do…frequently) because they were so much smaller.  He told me “Rival is a class-B school and our town is a class-A school.”

Which led to me making up names for the classification of schools. Here is my list:

Class A–Awful

Class B–Better

Class C–Crazy

Class D–Dorky


Class F–Freaks

Class G–Goofy

Class H–Horrible

Class I–Icky

Class J–Jumpy

Class K–Klutzy

Class L–Lumpy

Class M–Mopey

Class N–Nerdy

Class O–Ornery

Class P–Poopy

Class Q–Quirky

Class R–Rotten

Class S–Stinky

Class T–Top

Class U–Underwear

Class W–Wimpy

Class V–Victors

Class X–X-cellent

Class Y–Yucky

Class Z–Zippy.

So there you have  it. And now you know.


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