Go M.A.D Monday

I need this.A couple of months ago I started grocery shopping for a month at a time. I am slowing stock piling food. And that makes me happy. What doesn’t make me very happy is that in order to accomplish this, I have to travel 3 hours (round trip).

What I do like though is making the trip with a van full of girls. There were 6 of us who went and wasted a day shopping. We went to Barnes and Noble, Good Will and Sam’s.

We book shopped. We discount shopped. We grocery shopped. We coffee shopped.

I have a tradition when I grocery shop for the month. I book shop, I grocery shop. I go for coffee to celebrate surviving. I savor the coffee all the way home.

And life is good.

My friend, who traveled with her girls, my girls and myself, was..gasp..choke…not going to get coffee.

Had she gone mad?????

I took matters into my hands.

Because I’m good at it.

And I insisted she get coffee, not only for herself, but also for her girls…on me. I love doing that. And while I’m not naive enough to think  just buying a friend coffee made a difference. But maybe, just maybe it did.


How did you Make A Difference last week?


One thought on “Go M.A.D Monday

  1. Are you kidding? A gift of coffee? Of course it made a difference. It made me feel like a princess all the way home!


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