Bacon Wrapped Goodness

We love to watch Adam Richman on the Travel Channel. His show “Man v. Food” is simply excellent.  We love it, and it sucks us in so easily.  We are constantly amazed at what the man can eat.

I always get so hungry watching him too. He is always eating things I do not have on hand. It’s quite frustrating really. It is amazing how good a sandwich can look when he holds it.

Adam has pulled me from the comfortable confines of my food life as I knew it. Even with my using Mastering The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, I was still comfortably ensconced in my typical foodie life.  Because of Adam, now I am no longer afraid to put things together.  To try new things.  ( I refuse to watch Andrew Zimmern…not gonna go there.)

In the last week or so, my daughter, Elizabeth, and I watched an episode of Man V. Food in which Adam was given Bacon wrapped tater tots. Immediately my mind went places it shouldn’t oughta go. Seriously. I love bacon. I dearly love cheese. And tater tots!

What could be better.

I had to try it. I had to. I watched how they made them. I determined I would do it at  home.  I did. Here’s how.

Thick cut bacon and tater tots. I couldn’t find thick cut bacon, and I didn’t want to travel all over town to find it. So I just used regular cut.  I cut the strips in half width wise.

Place one tater tot on the end of a strip of bacon and roll. Place in skillet. (The restaurant used a fryer, but I don’t have one so I just cooked them on the stove.)  I cooked a full skillet , covered,  over med-high heat turning a few times.   Some of them got a little more done than others.  But I didn’t mind, I love crunchy, crispy bacon.

When the bacon wrapped tater tots are done, plate and add shredded cheese. I almost forgot this step, which is very strange because I LOVE cheese.  When the tater tots were done and on the plate, I grated cheddar and piled it on top. It didn’t melt well. But was still so tasty!

I could eat these every day for a month.


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