My Daily Dose of Wisdom

Every so often I stumble on something so miraculous, so profound, so full of wisdom I just have to share it.  I can’t NOT share it. It screams “Share me with someone! Save them from having to discover this brilliancy on their own.”

I love imparting wisdom. Especially when it is hard won wisdom from living life in the trenches. I love living my life in such a way that wisdom is gleaned daily, if not hourly…shoot try every minute/moment/second.

So here I am to impart my hard earned wisdom….


Make sure the lid on the CoffeeMate Liquid Creamer (Peppermint Mocha flavored) is COMPETELY closed before shaking.


Yup. There you go. That is my wisdom for today.  Now, go and be wise.


6 thoughts on “My Daily Dose of Wisdom

  1. This wisdom also goes for when you are trying to hide your peppermint mocha creamer from someone who likes to use it as milk and so you put it in the vegetable drawer because you know that said person never looks in there. Peppermint mocha flavored veggies…yum!


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