Saturday, How I love thee.

Saturdays, I love Saturday. The one day I can almost pretend I’m off duty.  Almost because is a Mom ever really off duty?

Yeah, I thought not.

It is also the one day I can sleep in and I revel in the ability to ignore the alarm. However on some mornings I can ignore it with the best of them. Especially when it is cold and dark outside. Like has been lately, because I live in the frozen tundra of north.

Okay I live in Nebraska. But we’ve had snow already and we are under a Winter storm advisory until 11pm and it is cold enough to freeze anything.  Trust me, it’s cold. Days like this make me want to live in Florida, except for the bugs.

This morning we loaded the girlies up in the van for a trip to the Clavinova Festival. It’s really just a huge piano recital. Piano teachers from all over can bring their students and they perform. There are teachers/students traveling quite a distance to perform.

This was Elizabeth’s first time. She has only been taking lessons since September.  She is not one to sit still but she was simply begging for piano lessons. I’m really surprised she made it this far without wanting to quit. She played “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and played it the best she has ever played.

Guess it pays to be a mean Momma. She wanted her sister to go up with her, and I put the kabosh on that. I don’t know why. Just did. Maybe because I knew she’d do great? It works better if you hold you head to the side just a little. (and ignore the weird, rude noises my camera makes.

This was Ariana’s fourth year performing in the festival.


This afternoon I went in search of Elizabeth’s next math books. Less than 3 months into our year and she’s already finished with one. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I think I might have only ordered the first books, knowing I’d have to order again for Ariana.  But I can’t remember if I did or not. So I ordered them, now I’ll find them.


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  1. I found your blog from my wordpress tags, and saw that you were in NE. Hello fellow homeschooler! My husband and I grew up in Nebraska. Now we are stationed in Kansas with the Army.

    I enjoyed reading your blog today!


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