It was a dark and stormy night…or day..or maybe not dark or stormy at all.  I had a funny, crabby feeling when I woke up 8 years ago today. I was one day from my due date and I’ll admit I thought lightening didn’t strike twice and there was no way I would deliver close to my due date again. (My first born was born less than 5 hours after her due date)  But I was wrong.

She was born just before 8, or 4 hours before her due date. I will never forget the day. Never.

Elizabeth had severe reflux issues and so was a rather unhappy baby most of her first year.  She was also very attached to Mommy, to the point of not being happy if Daddy was holding her.  Most of her first year is a blur because sleep deprivation robs you of brain cells, mostly those relating to remembering.

I remember this day. She did not like the swing, she screamed every time I put her in it. But on this day she sat and eventually fell asleep. Another thing she didn’t do. Sleep. I left her to sleep knowing she would wake up as soon as I took her out. We had appointment for her immunizations that morning. She slept through being taken out of the swing, her coat being put on, being put in her car seat, going out in the cold, in the car. She slept until she was poked. What a rude awakening.

She went from being a very unhappy baby, to being the silliest little girl you ever saw.

Her second Birthday
I love her silly grin
I just love this picture.
Hearing Daddy play her song on the radio.
Birthday girl

Happy birthday, Beanie!!!