Husker Anger

My favorite college team lost this past weekend. It was their second loss of the season and the second loss we didn’t have to experience.  The first loss was especially hard to take because it was a pointless loss. We just didn’t play like we should have.

This loss was also due to how we played, but only in part. Our coach was penalized on the sidelines for unsportsmanlike conduct. It was deserved. He was not in any way, shape or form acting in a sportsmanlike way. He was angry and getting angrier by the minute.

He said this morning that he “let it get personal” and he admitted he shouldn’t have, nor should he have lost his temper. I agree.

But, and I am not making excuses for him or for the number of irate fans, when call after call and penalty flag after penalty flag was thrown against our team and should have been thrown against the opposing team. That’s an officiating problem.

One player was given 2 penalties, totaling 30 yards. Thirty yards when he should have been penalized 15, and that penalty should have been off-setting  with a defensive player receiving a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct with a 15 yard penalty.  Late in the game, the offensive quarterback threw a pass that hit a defender in the back, the defender was given a penalty.


Pass interference. Yup. The quarterback threw the ball and the defensive lineman was hit IN THE BACK with the pass, yet he was flagged for defensive pass interference.

Pay attention in the video below to the defensive player #83.

We have contacted those who over the officiating crews and this game will be looked in to, it will not change the loss. But sometimes bad calls are made repeatedly. And while it is not okay for coaches to make it personal, neither is it okay for officials to make it personal as well.