Asleep Girl Walking

One of my children has inherited her father’s gene for sleep walking. I won’t mention any names but her name is spelled with an E-l-i-z-a-b-e-t-h. She has been known to do and say some pretty weird things in her sleep.

A few nights ago she woke up her sister by crowding her out of her own bed. (her sister’s own bed) It had a rather terrifying effect on Ariana. I mean imagine yourself sleeping quite nicely in your bed only to suddenly wake up because your face is being pushed into your dresser and in an attempt to scoot over you encounter a body in the bed with you.

Of course you have no choice but to do the only logical thing and say, “GET OUT OF MY BED!” Which, of course, wakes up the sister who had been sleeping walking. And scares her out of her mind.

Scares her because the last thing she knew she was sleeping peacefully in her own bed. Now she is violently awaken by your barely controlled screaming whisper. And she isn’t in her bed at all.

There is some disagreement as to whether or not the younger, sleep-walking sister said anything on her way out the door.

I personally think they should both learn to sleep like I do…which is like the dead.

On a completely different note, people/surveys are always asking for “your most embarrassing moment” and I’m always at a loss. Because I have so many; I tend to put them right out of my mind.  So I think I’ll start writing them down. The other day I was fully ensconced on the couch, I had my water, my blanket, the remote and I was watching House; (sue me) when I saw a figure walking past the windows. I told myself it was just Mr. FullCup when the doorbell rang.

I don’t know about your husband but mine does not ring the doorbell.

I throw off the blanket, which really is a queen-size down alternative comforter, and jump from the couch. In the process of throwing and jumping, I tangle my feet further in the blanket. Thus resulting in a face plant on the living room floor.

While the doorbell rings a second time.