I never was a very good student. Never. I tried…my teachers something awful. I always seemed too busy looking around or..horrors..talking to get much work done. In my defense, I have a very good excuse..reason but I won’t go into that here.

When I graduated from high school, I was given a job in a dental office and postponed college for a year…or 25.  I did attend college but realized I was being a little crazy, spending money on an education when I already had a great job.

So now I am contemplating a return to school. I’m both excited and fearful at the same time. Excited because I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. And that is always exciting. Fearful because…what if I get caught chewing gum or passing notes…or horror of horrors talking?

Somethings never change.

I want to study nutrition. It fascinates me. When I worked for the dentist I felt so sorry for their children, not only was their dad a dentist, their mom was a dietitian. Can you imagine those poor souls?  At the time I was feeling sorry for them, I was eating out for every meal. And I mean every single meal. My breakfast consisted of a large chocolate, chocolate chip Otis Spunkmeyer cupcake and a can of diet Pepsi.

Oh yeah. I was a health nut.  Lunch and supper were generally consumed at fat..okay that started as a typo but I’m leaving it, fast food place.  I always topped off my meal with a Diet Pepsi. Honestly. It’s not that I really thought it would help with the amount of calories I was consuming because I never thought of calories at all.

Man that sounds so rude and mean. But it’s the truth. I thought only of myself.

At the time I was consuming a case of Diet Pepsi every day or at least every other day. When my sister-in-law (who was a diet coke addict) told me that aspartame made your hips large, I quit. Cold turkey.

Not a good thing. I put myself back on Diet Pepsi and slowly weaned myself off. And I thought I was now eating healthy.

I was so wrong.

Fast forward to the past couple of years. I love the study of nutrition. My diet has drastically changed. I now cook. It started as cooking out of necessity. You see I got married and Mr. FullCup didn’t like eating out every meal. And he certainly didn’t like spending the money to keep me in the food I had become accustomed too.  When we got married, in a show of great “Little Suzy Homemaker-ness” I decided since I was staying at home, I would not ever cook anything from a box again.

So we lived on Ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches. Because they didn’t come from a box. One day not long after we were married it dawned on me that now I was going to have to cook every day for the rest of my life. And I spent the afternoon in tears.

A lot has changed in the past almost 16 years. I cook. I cook almost every day. Gone are the times of dining out once a week. Now it might be once a month. I cook every day except Sunday, because Momma has to have a day off.

And I cook healthy meals. No boxes. No ramen noodles. And the subject of nutrition fascinates me.  And so I’m contemplating a return to school in the Fall of 2011. There is a community college in my town I could attend at night, I am also looking at distance learning. I’ve looked at Yale. But they don’t offer nutrition as a distance learning course. I’m contemplating looking at Princeton, Harvard and hey why not Oxford.