Life is just funny.

And this week it has been almost hysterical.

It started off with an email from Dave Ramsey. I didn’t read the entire message but the title made me giggle like a school girl. “This is your year to be weird.”

Honestly? What have I been all the years up to now?

Later that same day, I went out to bring in the mail. Mr. FullCup received something and while it was addressed to him, I thought it might pertain to me …so I committed a federal offense and opened it. I know I know. But it was from my state’s Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

I guffawed…loudly.

Especially when, I opened it and the first thing I read, printed in extra large print, “DOES YOUR HEARING LOSS CAUSE COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS?” as if writing it large would help the person who was hard of hearing.

Fast forward to today. I am mindlessly going about my business when the phone rings. Now I’m in a Bible study going through Priscilla Shirer’s study on Jonah, so I’m not viewing this phone call as an interruption, but a Divine Intervention. I am ready. I know it’s God calling and I’m going to get to do something extra spectacular for Him. I’m gonna be famous. I had my acceptance speech rolling around in my head, I knew it was going to be good. I just knew it. Whatever it was, I was going to do it with a smile because it was God asking.

Imagine my surprise when I heard, “Mrs. FullCup?”


“Mrs. akdjfldjio Full Cup?”


“Hi, I’m calling with the AARP. We want to warn all our senior citizens….” His voice trailed off, or maybe I caused a little interruption in his life because this wasn’t God. Not God at all, because God knows how old I am and He knows I’m not yet a senior citizen.
“Are you aware,” I asked, “that I’m 40 and my husband is 45?”
He had the audacity to ask if I was sure because, “we have here that you are both senior citizens.” I assured him I was 40 and he sid he’d take us off the list because we’re too young.