Today’s post is brought you by..

the word “Luxurious”. As in, “I’m having a luxurious day today.”

Honestly, I am. Promise. I can’t remember the last time I sat around playing Poppit on the computer.   The family of Full Cup traveled halfway around the world state and we are house and pet sitting for my sister-in-law. Because this is  a school month, the girls had to bring their school with them and Mr. FullCup decided he’d try his hand at being the teacher today, thus giving me the day off.

I’m hoping I can keep this arrangement for a nice long time. As in for the next 9 years, or until Elizabeth graduates from high school. She is currently in the third grade. I wonder how many children graduate in the fourth grade? Think anyone would find it odd if I graduated my children after they finished the 6th and 4th grade years?

Yeah, I thought it was a bad idea.

Here’ s the funny thing, Mr. FullCup is not at all speedy. Not in the least. He drives slow, he moves slow, he thinks slow. He has no speed faster than say a slug. Not that he is one by any means, but he moves at their speed. Me? I move like lightning. Now you see me here, now you see me way over there.  He is still sitting in the same chair, the same spot, the same position he was in when I got back from running a few errands about 3.5 hours ago. Wanna know what he’s doing?

Grading 5th grade math…with the teacher/answer book.  Yeah, me I just look at the answer book and the student’s answer and if they don’t match I mark the students answer wrong. Done in less than 30 minutes.

But at least now he sees why I spend all day on school. “Sorry I didn’t make supper. You see I’ve been doing school things all day long. How ’bout pizza?”

He never goes for it. Never.

So far today I’ve managed to do nothing..quickly. I made some of the strongest coffee known to man.  I ran 2.12 miles in the freezing bitter cold.  I sought out a health food store, bought the makings for homemade bread and otherwise I’ve been sitting on my rump.


Life is indeed good!